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Our History


Founded in 1986, Tropical Sports club has been the premier Sports and Social club in the Atlanta area since inception.  With multiple cricket championships in the now Georgia Supreme Cricket League, the club is now focused on not only Cricket but Golf, Netball, Community Outreach and Social Networking through it's diverse and loyal membership.

Tropical Sports Club is a 501 (c) (7) organization whose main source of funds is through sponsors and membership dues.

Our Community


Our club is proud to partner with organizations such as Phoenix Pass to offer support tot he various women and children who are accepted in the program.  We also provide an Annual Scholarship to College Freshmen which is ably funded by our Golf Tournament (the largest and best in Atlanta) that is staged each year between July and August.  We feel that making a contribution to our community is tantamount to our objective of enriching the lives of our Members and those around us,

Our Philosophy


We believe in respect and sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together. As a Social Club, we believe in ensuring that everyone feels welcome when they visit and gain a sense of belonging and camaraderie regardless of your background.  With that, we also expect the same level of respect for self and others from each and everyone who comes through our doors.

Membership and Support

Our objectives cannot be met without the contributions from friends and well-wishers and the dues from our Membership.  Please use the link below to Pay your Dues and/or make a donation to Tropical Sports Club.

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Club activities




  1. League Season - April to October each year
  2. Players from all ages and experiences
  3. Have won the League titles a record 15+ years
  4. Member of the Georgia Supreme Cricket League
  5. Previously coached by the legendary and late Desmond Lewis
  6. Training each Tuesday and Thursday during the cricket season 




  1. ​Group started as a result of our annual Scholarship
  2. Strong growth over the past 2-3 years
  3. Committed to the growth and development of Golf in the community and the organization
  4. "Home" course is Browns Mill Golf Course on Cleveland Avenue
  5. Welcome players of all levels
  6. ​Free analysis and coaching while playing in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere...don't be afraid of a 'shank'. 'slice' or 'pull' now and then!




  1. ​Founded in 2010
  2. Players from all ages and experiences
  3. Committed to the growth and development of Netball in Georgia
  4. Coached by Vinetta Hylton
  5. Member of Netball America 



Dominoes is one of the most fun games and is a game of excitement and strategy.  Come out and join us the 3rd Wednesday of each month to test your skills.  Team up with a partner and rule the board.  Food and refreshments available.

Social Events and Community


We believe in giving back to our community and one of those ways is to support the Women and Children program at Phoenix Pass.  We depend on donations from Members, Friends and Well-wishers each year as we continue to be a shining light in the lives of our extended family members.



Our Scholarship program is second to none!  We reward a deserved freshman each year with funds to help offset tuition and other fees related to his/her first year in College.  Majority proceeds for this venture is via our Annual Golf Tournament which is another 'must attend' event to be added to your calendar.


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Our Members and supporters mean the world to us. Do you have questions or comments about our Club, do you have something you want to let us know, do you have a general inquiry? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

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